We like to surf, current website like are pretty bad

What it does

texts you when beaches you're subscribed to are surfable

How we built it

scraped webcam feeds, ran OpenCv and clustering on these streams to get data on the waves. Ran some calculations on these metrics. used twillio to send SMS to you if we determine if the waves are good

Challenges I ran into

Machine Learning and clustering is hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did automatic clustering at a hackathon

What We learned

HTML form are a pain. OpenCv is cool, but hard. We're not as good as basic vector calculus as we thought we were.

What's next for Doode

We'll probably go home and sleep, might eat some food first. We might continue the project, would need more compute power, hosing, better feeds and money for the sms maybe not.

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