Welcome to Donut!

The application that allows you to donate your item's value to a charity of your choice!


You know those stores where you recycle items or thrift shops for charities? Where they take your stuff and clean it up then sell it ? And the majority goes to charity ? The problem is that a good portion of that money goes to employees and housing of these items. This application is a solution to this problem while making it easier for customers and donators from the convienience of your phone :)

What it does

Our application allows users to broadcast to others the items that they no longer want, in order for the interested to bid on them. The winner of the bid gets the item and the money goes to the charity selected by the user.

How We built it

For prototyping, we used paper, pencil and Proto.io. For front end, we used React Native in order for the application to be compatible for both ios and android users (for all!) For backend, we used Nest.js with TypeOrm, MongoDb to store data and Docker. Deployment would've been done through AWS ECS.

Challenges We ran into

  • Falling asleep
  • Spent too much time designing
  • Setting up expo to run with mobile (network issues...)
  • Docker caching bug... Background run bug

Accomplishments that We are proud of

  • Working with React-Native
  • Design in general
  • Able to use brand new backend framework
  • Implementing a pattern that has not been documented yet for this framework

What We learned

  • Expo is life. Seriously.
  • Cannot be too nitpicky on prototyping
  • Sometimes, problems solve themselves when you restart your laptop

What's next for Donut

  • Adding payments
  • Adding Auth0
  • Adding image rec
  • Adding messaging
  • Design Refinement (UX/UI)
  • Deployment
  • Partnerships with Charities
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