Donut was originally inspired by a viral story about dmdm hydantoin, a chemical preservative used in hair products rumoured to be toxic and lead to hair loss. This started a broader discussion about commercial products in general and the plethora of chemical substances and ingredients we blindly use and consume on a daily basis. We wanted to remove these veils that can impact the health of the community and encourage people to be more informed consumers.

What it does

Donut uses computer vision to read the labels off packaging through a camera. After acquiring this data, it displays all the ingredients in a list and uses sentiment analysis to determine the general safety of each ingredient. Users can click into each ingredient to learn more and read related articles that we recommend in order to make more educated purchases.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Front end development was a challenge since it was something our team was inexperienced with, but there’s no better place to learn than at a hackathon! Fighting away the sleepiness was another hurdle too.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got more done than we imagined with a 3 person team :)

Michael is proud that he was very productive with the backend code :D

Grace is proud that she wrote any code at all as a designer o_o

Denny is proud to have learned more about HTTP requests and worked with both the front and backend :0

What we learned

We could be benefitted from a more well-balanced team (befriend some front end devs!). Sleep is important. Have snacks at the ready.

What's next for Donut Eat This

Features that we would love to implement next would be a way to upload photos from a user’s album and a way to view recent scans.

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