Do not trust the past, a simple but mindblowing web-browser strategy game.

A simple 1vs1 online game, in order to win you have to destroy your opponent's castle.

Let us explain you how to play. We have three main unit types, ATTACK, DEFENSE and SPY. Attack units are perfect to destroy our enemy's castle, and the deffence ones to protect our home. Spy units are a bit of special, they try to enter to the enemy castle to gather information about the units they have.

But... Things get more interesting, we have a special unit called WIZARD. The WIZARD does only one thing, go to the past, give a special poison to a successful spy that managed to sneak into our enemy's castle and let him poison the farms. This means that the present we were playing is recalculated into a new different reality taking in account the actions done in the past.

Take in mind that, since we poison our enemy's farms, they can generate less resources, so they can't recruit the same number of troops they did in the past, so it is very favorable for us. It is also important to note that, saving units in our castle consumes more food than outside.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could make it in time! Despite all the changes we had to do at the final hours, we managed to make a playable version of the main idea :D

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