We can see coding stealing everywhere and that's not for the good of computing, for sure ! This is why I have built Don'tStealMyCode framework !

What it does

dsmc is a module, console, program and web-based application which allow you to encrypt a decrypt code of whatever files encoded with utf8 and python-readable !

The module allows you to use the program to code others programs, so the possibilities are numerous.

The console program is to help you quickly encrypt and decrypt your programs or files.

The web application is hosted on Heroku and encrypts and decrypts very easily the code you submit and allow you to download it or read it online if it's allowed by the browser.

How I built it

First of all, having the idea to develop dsmc, I have developed the console module in python and some bash ( the all backend ). Secondly, I have learnt Heroku serving with Flask in order to submit my work on Heroku. Then, I have developed the frontend in Html, Css, Javascript with the help of FontsAwesome and Google Fonts. After that, building the controllers was a little hard because of non-matching for example between Dropzonejs and Flask. In this way, I was obliged to build my self dropzone model in pure Css ! The other problem at this state was that I wasn't able to import my local module. So, I completed the remaining tasks to submit my module to Pypi and then be able to install and import it in Flask as a requirement. Finally, it was it ! All things were pretty good after correcting some of the remaining bugs !

Challenges I ran into

  • Developing a full dropzone system in pure vanillajs
  • Developing all this features in 24hours

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the challenges I have met

What I learned

  • Flask hosting on Heroku
  • Python packages good development way

What's next for DontStealMyCode - console & web code encrypter & decrypter

I think that this dsmc can be very useful for many persons, maybe enterprises if it's improved seriously and may become a reference (with the fonctionnal two factors algorithms I have developed for that) in the domains of the cryptography !

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