We missed a hackathon because of this virus!

People fear what they do not understand. They lead their lives around these fears, in the process, missing out on crucial opportunities. Fear of personal health is a very understandable one, albeit prior knowledge can alleviate such fears and assist people in living life to their fullest!

Don't catch any virus!


Infectious diseases pose a considerable threat to human health and place an enormous economic burden on health care systems. Researchers show that even a simple public awareness campaign can have a positive effect. By collecting behavioral health risk data from the hospital, our app is a useful tool for targeting and building health promotion activities.

What it does

So, here goes. Once you open our website, (after giving our domain name a well-deserved grin), you will be greeted by our Login/ Sign Up screen. After successful signup, you are navigated to a page that shows a Map with your current location. You can then navigate to the Search Location screen, where you give us the Latitude and Longitude of the place where you want to check the Health index of. We return the Name of the disease which might be prevalent in the area along with the number of patients who are afflicted with the disease. We also present the number of deaths that might have occurred in the area, if any.

How We Built It

We built the frontend using React and Javascript. We chose to use React because we wanted to learn a new language and understand how to deploy it in Netlify.

The backend is powered by Firebase and is hosted on Netflify with Domain.com as our domain provider. It is live at: dontcatchavirus.online We also used Microsoft Excel to get our CSV data into an easily understandable format. Which we later converted into

Challenges we ran into

Being noobs with limited exposure to any tech stack, and with most of us only knowing a few parts of each stack, we were very surprised when the team came together and contributed to each part of the hack. In a way, as a team, we knew the entire stack. As they say, we were stronger together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having three new hackers on the team and still managing to submit a working project in 24 hours is something that we are immensely proud of. That, along with the fact that the team as a whole had a total of 24hrs of React experience prior to arriving at HackUNT contributes heavily to how much we learned when we put our minds to it.

What we learned

That React has a very significant learning curve... Kidding aside, we learned how to successfully launch a React application using Domain.com with Netlify as our hosting service. We also learned that Firebase needs to be developed, designed and deployed first, with all the UI design and the other services coming in later.

What's next for Health++

We would love to sit down soon to beautify the UI and add a few design elements that really make the website a happy place to browse through. We also had ideas to add Pin locations to the locations where users would visit and when the user hovered over the pin, show him what virus was spreading in the area along with what precautions they could take to be safe. During the end of the hack, we also discussed how we could add geo-fencing to the application along with a heatmap to show the areas of the country/world that might be affected. The user will be alerted automatically when they enter the geofenced area.

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