We are a team from Montreal, where car sharing is an increasing aspect of the city's transportation. One of those companies let you see the available cars nearby and take the one you prefer. The car is unlocked from the app and locks as you leave. The inspiration came when we all realized that finding a place to sleep when traveling should be a similar experience without having to pay the large fees of hotels.

What does it do: We have a web app that shows you the available rooms near your location. When selected, the app will ask you for a code that is displayed on an LCD on the door lock. When entered correctly, the payment passes and the door unlocks.

How did we build it: We used 3 components. One arduino that uses an IOT microcontroller to control the lock. A spring boot backend to control the flux of data. An Angular front end to show the map and interact with the rentals.

Problems encountered: Compiler DO matter. Frameworks don't always do what they promise. Spring boot is hard to setup!

What are we proud of: We did an incredible teamwork job and are very proud of our product and the possible scalability

We learned: Perseverance.

What's next for Please Dont trash my house: More features, a cleaner experience and accept payments.

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