There are some dont-touch-your-face apps but none that

  • are open source
  • don't use a ton of cpu with some odd js tensorflow?
  • don't send your face somewhere on the internet

How I built it

Researched around for libraries for body pose estimation - seems promising but doesn't seem to compile or run currently.

I then used Gluon CV and I got an example working, and halfway got some hand-near-face detection: This seems more promising. I was able to get the library and example up and running real quick, and added some arithmetic to see if the distance from face to hands seems far or close.

Challenges I ran into

Installing libraries, Conda setup.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Installed the cuda without messing up computer drivers, this time :)

Got conda installed.

Found a good library I hadn't used before - GluonCV.

What I learned

It can be especially difficult installing experimental libraries.

Built With

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