Inspiration, why the project

Several life saving procedures like surgeries and medical emergencies like anaemia associated with infection and pregnancy require blood hence the need for blood donation. Unfortunately, there are serious challenges acquiring blood and blood products worldwide for transfusion during emergencies. Families, societies and communities are affected most. Meanwhile, most families, societies and communities are bonded the world over by a strong sense of love and care towards helping each other. Mortality rates from hospitals due to the shortage and unavailability of blood and blood products for use during emergencies and the strong sense of community by the worse hit communities was an inspiration towards building a system around donor communities and linking hospitals together to provide blood for use during emergencies.

What it does

Our system, DonorDrops connects subscribed hospitals and registered donors together to enable the former request blood transfer from nearest hospitals who have the required blood or blood product they need or if not available at all can send messages to possible qualified donors for donation and its on-ward use during emergencies.

How we built it

It’s a web platform which is built with React and Apollo Client at frontend with GraphQL(Apollo Server), ExpressJS API. A centralized database developed on MongoDB to ensure concurrency on the platform. Integrated into the platform is the Facebook account kit for authentication of Donor accounts.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of Internet, failed libraries, developing UI was difficult as the target institution we thought of was rigid to innovation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The systems ability of connecting hospitals together and donors to hospitals to make blood available during emergencies. Again, we’ve been able to use the Facebook GraphQL specification together with ExpressJS and MongoDB to build a modern and fast API for DonorDrops donor-drops-api. All though, not all intended features and API resources are available we hope to include more resources in time to come.

What we learned

An easier and stress-free way of building APIs (using GraphQL). Became fully aware of the Facebook developer tools, informed on some medical knowledge and the business development cycle.

What's next for DonorDrops

We look forward to exploring Facebook’s AI tool to make real time modelling and predictions to help inform medical research and also make our platform open source so that it can be made by anybody and everyone, anywhere to ensure that we’re able to solve the blood shortage problem during emergencies on a global scale.

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