I had a late night talk with my roommate who recently had a class with a ridiculous instructor in her CHBE class. The instructor denied global warming and made my roommate very angry. She called the instructor a "donkey head" and wish to photoshop a donkey image over his photos. Although she is actually really good at photoshopping random objects together, I thought maybe I can help this time to speed up her process in photoshop all the people she hates. One of the top of her list was Donald Trump. Since this year is the election year and there will be a lot of election campaigns and reports. I'd love to automate her process in covering all these faces with animal images.

What it does

The web site takes a link to any website. It outputs all the images in on that webpage that has human faces in it and replace them with animal head images.

How we built it

We built it mostly with openCV's face detection library Haar Casade to detect the faces and some manipulation of the resulting image. On the web app part, we used Google App Engine as the platform.

Challenges we ran into

We had an idea of what we wanted to do early on this week and we've been spending a lot of time researching on that project since the hackathon started. But after the first 12 hours, we found out that project would be too hard to accomplish within the 36 hours of hacking. So we started late on this one. Yet since almost no one on the team had any experience with either front end development or computer vision. Every step in this development was something new to us and the 36 hours just seems too short for us to explore some possible solutions to our problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to detect faces in a fairly accurate way and we found many cute animal head photos that we hope will make you laugh.

What we learned

There is always something to learn and experiment with. Having a plan for the hacking and having everyone on board with the idea is essential.

What's next for Donkey Donald

More accurate face detection, more available animal head images, and launch it online.

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