After working with a fundraising company our team-member quickly realized that a huge amount was being collected via "premiums" people had to purchase just in order to make themselves visible to a wider audience. This was unfair to those who couldn't afford this premium. Besides this modern fundraising platforms are taking huge amounts in so called "tips" from donors that could otherwise save lives. Thus we bring to you Donaterra, a simple, secure and easy to use fundraising service that allows donors to see the impact they make.

What it does

Donaterra works on the Terra blockchain, allowing users to donate via the UST stablecoin. If you ever need help in paying medical bills, Donaterra and its users have got your back. Using the most secure and reliable measures, this app built on web3 allows you to create fundraisers and donate to them!

How we built it

We knew we wanted to benefit the society, and with our past experiences it made sense to correct an ongoing mistake. Thus the foundation of Donaterra was built. Once we brainstormed and finalized our concept, we divided the work within among us, to suit each ones skillset. We used react.js to build our app, established smart contracts using Rust. The UI is built using Figma.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was to figure out how we could cover the operating cost of the app. We knew we wanted all the donations to go into the right hands, thus we built upon the staking system offered by Terra allowing us to stake our holdings until the donation is required by the creator of a fundraiser.

How it works!

We tried to keep the process simple and straightforward. People in need send us their terra address and we receive money on their behalf until the time of their operation, until then, the money is staked safely using terra's validators. We then withdraw the UST and send it to them via smart contracts. If we find any sort of manipulation in the fundraiser the money is auto returned to the donors via smart contracts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can finally be at ease knowing that people can now get the money they are in desperate need of. We are happy by knowing we tried to make a difference in the society.

What we learned

web3 being a new field definitely led us into facing various challenges. We also had to read heaps of docs on the different software and frameworks we use.

What's next for Doneterra - Crypto Fundrasing

We have lot's of stuff planned for Donaterra. We feel that it has massive potential for revolutionizing how fundraisers work. However we couldn’t quiet finish our targets in the time period, we want to go further and even make this a feasible business!

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