We drew our inspiration from Zitec's and our coleagues' implication in social projects like "Cei1024", fundraisers, and participation in charity sport competitions, and we consider our project a good addition to this list.

What it does

DoneazaZiuaTa is an application that allows NGO's to publish various social causes, and helps users and legal entities to support these causes by donating money or donating a meaningful day (a birthday, nameday, aniversary or other events) that will encourage those dearest to donate to the chosen cause, in stead of giving presents.

How we built it

The foundation of our application is the Laravel framework, supported by the Laravel Nova library. The app is hosted on cloud infrastructure.

Challenges we ran into

  • short development time, compared to the features we had planned
  • setting up the cloud infrastructure using Ansible for provisioning, with a zero downtime deploy
  • we developed the app, using a framework, with which we had little experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we succeeded in creating a fully functional aplication in less than 24 hours
  • we were able to keep the major features we had planned
  • we worked toghether and communicated very well as a team
  • we maintained an organized atmosphere through periodical meetings, status updates, issues creation and planning

What we learned

  • Ansible (provisioning and deploy)
  • Laravel + Nova
  • decision making under presure
  • organization and teamwork

What's next for Doneaza ziua ta

  • continue development
  • atract NGO's and doners to our site

Testing the app

Test credit card payments To make test payments, please use card information provided here:

Admin credentials. In this section you can manage current users and causes, and enable NGO's and legal entity users. Url: User: Password: zihack.brasov

Aplication: Url:

Browse existing causes, create an account, add causes or donate days or money.

Register as a NGO, or user (simple or company). NGO's and companies are activated by the admin, they are disabled by default, to allow the admin to verify the information before activating.

Choose a cause you wish to support, fill in the Donate your day form, and share the campaign page to your friends, offer financial support yourself, by directly donating by Credit Card.

Donor Account credentials: user: password: andrei

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