We want to help people with low or any resources, we have seen many of this people and also people who are willing to help them, but some of them just can not connect to each other. We want to help on that.

What it does

Donate -> this option allows to anyone to donate or give away an item, you can take a picture and add the description of the item. Give a table -> this option is for volunteers: people who are willing to pick the donations and lend a table one day of the week. This will display a gallery of items by zip code and the user can select them. Collect -> this option should be selected by the person who collect the donation, if is a person who doesn't have a mobile, the table' volunteer can do it.

How we built it

We use react-native to build a mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

  1. New framework: React-native was new for everyone in the team, but love challenges! And we struggle a little, but even when we didn't finish the app in this hackathon, we want to completed it and set it to live.
  2. Broken node: one of the team members (me) uninstall node following instructions of the error message, after that the computer didn't display the app tests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fast we could learn some us of elements, but we still want to continue playing around React-native. We are also proud that we never give up and how optimistic we always are.

What we learned

React-native (a little bit, we know there is more to learn) and to have fun in this events.

What's next for DonationTable

We plan to finish the app and set it to production as a non-profit app. :)

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