Millions of underpriviledged families cannot afford suitable clothing across the world, and through inflation and greed millions more are facing a similar situation. Through the vulgur setbacks of poverty, many families that suffer through this phenomena tend to focus their financial means to food and sheltor while disregarding an essential aspect of our daily lives - clothing.

What it does

Our friendly marketplace allows those who suffer through poverty to purchase bundles of clothing from our website for no cost at all, they simply pay for shipping. Our shipment centers will also be based in impoverish areas in exotic places such as Africa to provide new job opportunities and reduced costs. This not only has a great financial benefit, but it allows the ecosystem to thrive and thus focus on more impactful problems such as clean water and a major implimintation of recycling.

How we built it

As of yet, this project is a vague concept. The basis for the online marketplace has been implemented and created through our experience at EARTHACK. We built it through a resourceful website called wix, which provided us with a base template to create the website. This was also time-effective as we were able to take advantage of the wix's friendly user interface and template.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge that we had to face was to have the logo and web design work coherently with one another, as that was a major issue at the time. Once we finally got that situated, the next greatest challenge was to tediously fill out the information needed for the website. This information includes: buying options, categories, donation tab, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishment that we are most proud of is the design for the website and benefits of the program. We truly believe that the foundation and core idea for our project will have a grand impact on the environment of those who need the economic and social boost. EARTHACK was put into place so creators and hackers could show their passion of social and environmental benefits, and we believe that not only have we reached that goal but we have surpassed it.

What we learned

We have learned the fundamentals of creating a designer website while considering the ethical implementations of EARTHACK such as enviornmental and social prosperity.

What's next for DonationStation

Through this concept we have created the fundamentals of our marketplace system. We will then focus on solidifying the website and consider the real-world implications of the project by reaching out to manufacturers and donation services. The concept itself gives us a satisfactory foundation to continue and enhance the brand DonationStation to benefit those in poverty while promoting local economic and social prosperity.

Best Social Impact

We believe that our project has the best social impact as we are, theoretically, transforming the entire ecosystem at the base of our manufacturing stations. This not only boosts the region's economy, but we are providing them with a means of occupation and aid out of poverty as well. The Online Marketplace also allows those in need to purchase select clothing items for just the cost of shipping, which gives them an equal opportunity to satisfy their daily essentials.

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