I'm very passionate about fighting against sex trafficking. At this current day and age, slavery and prostitution are more prominent and growing than ever which is absolutely horrifying- it's mostly young girls who are tricked into the industry but also boys and even very young children. My older sister started a club that's a branch of a bigger company called Shared Hope International that is doing everything it can to try to prevent it from happening, and the very least, trying to protect victims.

What it does

I was inspired to create a website that allows the shelters to reach out to any willing organization to get necessities, such as food, clothes, and blankets. There are two interfaces, one for administrators who are those willing to donate, and one for shelters. The administrators will have access to a map of shelters nearby, and based on surveys the shelters fill out, it will be evident which one is more in need and the administrator could decide where they can donate. The shelters' survey would consist of factors such as the amount of people they house as well as the money they can spend a week. The shelters would be able to check off what they are lacking and all this information would be stored in the database and based on statistics it will be able to determine who needs what.

How I built it

I used a google maps API to plot different points on the map for the administrators. Though I didn't finish, I used iPage and tried to link it to my html files and php files in brackets.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for DonationProgramForSheltersForSexTraffickedVictims

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