We were inspired by the exorbitant amount of people that go hungry every year; looking through all seventeen of the UN SDGs, it was the one that surprised us the most. We therefore decided to base our project off of this topic, Zero Hunger. We wanted it to be fun as well as educational, so we included a small game and also a donation tracker.

What it does

This website (Hunger Tracker) was designed to provide information and raise awareness about the second SDG, Zero Hunger.

  • Home Page: The home page provides information and describes the ways to donate and use our website. It also lists some reasons to help as well as how to help those living in poverty and hunger.
  • Games: This page encompasses a small game that our website visitors can play revolving around the theme of hunger, with a story behind it.
  • Donation Tracker: The donation tracker creates accounts and ids for people to use in order to track how much they've donated to contribute to their goal. Earning badges along the way, users can compete with their friends through donating and contributing to those in need.
  • Resources: We provide resources for those who use our website, encompassing trustworthy sites for more information and two donation sites. Users can also find another place to donate to that they like most, which can also be recorded on the Donation Tracker!
  • Badges: The badges page is made to allow users to be able to view and show off their badges to their friends, family, or anyone else. The badges that they have earned are clear, and the ones that they have yet to achieve are blurred.
  • Acknowledgements: And finally, we thank you to all the judges and everyone else that has supported us, even those of you reading this!

How we built it

We built this website through and GitHub with the game created through Unity.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we encountered was that it was impossible to use await (async functions) inside of a promise .then, which didn't allow us to make the requests that we needed. This was solved by creating another async function that was called inside the first one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of being able to finish the site in the short 36-hour period of this hackathon.

What we learned

We learned many different CSS properties, and also how to talk on a voice chat.

What's next for Donation Tracker

We plan to add passwords to the account IDs and a more complex storyline for the game to make it slightly longer.

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