Having knowledge on Natural Disaster and seen close friend and family victim of Natural disaster, It is very important to get help immediately rather than later.

What it does

It get the user's data, user input their data first and we store it in our database. Then that data is used to connect the user to their Donation/Stellar account. In your profile you could also see the map of the area with high degree of natural disaster. When user want to check out, the portal gives them recommendation of how much money they should donate but user can pick whatever amount they prefer. We also give user option to either to donate money to us and then we donate your money further to most disaster effected areas or user could choose to donate money to the organization and country of their choice.

How we built it

Used HTML, CSS, Node.js and JavaScript for front end. Use Node.js, Python, JavaScript, Stellar API, Esri API, Google Maps API, UIPath for Backend.

Challenges we ran into

1) Styling front-end 2)Combing front-end with backend using flask 3)Getting back end to work, most time consuming. 4)Training our model

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to combine our front end with back end successfully. Very polish front-end and working back-end.

What we learned

1)How to use Stellar and Esri API 2)Learn hoe to train model using code

What's next for DonateRelief

To get out website able to extend the reach of money resources to natural disaster organizations.

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