"The joy of giving". There is always a scope of improvement when it comes to helping the needy and homeless. We always have something that can be donated and which can be used by someone.

What it does

The application allows people who are in need of a particular item to send a sms with information regarding their location, name, and the item that they need. Once the needy person sends a request, the donator can then filter the people who are close to his/her location. Depending upon the proximity and the requirement of the needy person, the donator can donate the thing that he/she wishes to part.

How we built it

We built the server using PHP and MySql as the database. For the SMS API integration we used Twilio which offered PHP integration to receive and parse the messages received. The mobile application was developed using Android Studio and Java.

Challenges we ran into

Integration with the SMS gateway was a challenge which we managed to overcome. Second challenge was collaborating with team members to integrate the code and have everything running perfectly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The application will definitely be helpful for the needy people. If distributed and promoted it can help the needy people get things which usually people throw away in the trash.

What we learned

We learnt how to integrate code in a short span of time. SMS gateway was a new thing for us to implement in the Backend.

What's next for DonateMe

Next steps for DonateMe, would be an iOS application and integration with embedded devices. Small Chips which will be connected to the internet will be mounted on specific locations across the city. Needy people can reach the location and press a button for food or medical help that they may need. This request can be further forwarded to people in the vicinity who want to help the needy people.

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