• Reward and encourage open-source contributions
  • Incentivise quality work
  • Popularise cryptocurrencies

What it does

Our bot allows project owners/collaborators to reward open-source contributors' work with cryptocurrencies.

How we built it

Team of 5 literally hacked it over 10h. Technologies used:

  • Pure Python3 :)
  • Github
  • Binance (holding and sending funds)
  • GCP
  • Docker

Challenges we ran into

  • Cloud Functions caused some issues as Binance restricts withdrawals to set IPs :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting working prototype in 1 day!

What we learned

  • Python3 string substitution (f"Something {variable}"). Awesome!
  • Github's webhook secret verification

What's next for Donatello

  • [ ] "Paid" feature requests with accumulative balance
  • [ ] If contributor requests a coin we don't have, do the exchange in Binance
  • [ ] Github Apps for authentication
  • [ ] Automated deployment

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