Trump's tweets are laughably inappropriate for our President elect. They've degraded minorities, insulted leaders of other countries, and attacked the institutions that defend our democracy. However, despite all the damage they have done and still do, we believe there are ways to turn Trump's tweets into positive forces for good.

What it does

Everyone who signs up puts a list of certain key words which trigger donations to the ACLU. If Trump tweets a tweet that contains any of those words, then your donation to the ACLU will be processed. Key words can include his commonly used phrases like "women", "#makeamericagreatagain", "sad", or WORDS IN ALL CAPS. It's as simple as that!

How we built it

We decided that it would be simplest if our users filled out a typeform with all the necessary data. This is then loaded into a google spreadsheet, which we then automatically download and use with our python scripts. Our python scripts

Challenges we ran into

Hooking all the various parts together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works (in its MVP form)! When Trump tweets, everyone signed up on our service will automatically make a donation to the ACLU.

What we learned

Putting stuff together is fun, but tricky!

What's next for DonateACLU

More emphasis on security, as well as finer control of the donation process.

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