We wanted to help people in need, and so we decided to create a website that enables users to easily view and navigate among various different charity foundations. The website allows people to easily search different charity organizations, and they can donate money to a foundation of their choice. We used html and css within Brackets. We found it difficult to set up the structure for the website, and pushing the code from Brackets to Github took around three hours. It was challenging to create the domain name and make the code appear as a webpage. We are proud of finishing the majority of our website, and we learned that creating websites take time, and posting the website is very difficult. 

 We also created a mobile app that would allow others to easily be accessible to opportunities in order assist the community by making fundraising and volunteering in their hands with a click of a button. By utilizing Android Studio, we quickly became engaged by learning to create the necessary features of the app, such as the login and signup. This exposure helped us reinforce our current knowledge of object oriented programming. It was challenging for us to become familiar with the program, for we had no prior experience using the software, but we used our skills of Java programming to continue through. Eventually, around dawn, errors began to arise in our programming, and we were running out of time to create a working application. Therefore, we created a visual layout on PowerPoint to demonstrate the intended appearances, features, and the process of using the app. Features include creating an account to keep track of the organizations one has helped through volunteering, or raising funds, and a list of organizations divided into three categories that one can choose from with a description and hyperlink to the main page of the organization. Although this is not the outcome we expected, we take pride in the product we did create, for we gained new experiences to further our interests in STEM and skills we can take back with us.  

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