One line that we are hearing every time in the current covid-19 crisis is "Don't Touch Your Face" but according to some studies we all touch our face 23 times an hour. So it's quite difficult to train yourself not to touch your face unnecessarily.

What it does

Technology to the rescue! We have built a "Face Touch Early Warning System" that warns you by showing led signals whenever you bring your hands towards your face.

How we built it

Types of equipment that are used to build this system are:

1) 1 BBC: Microbit

2) 2 x AA Battery Holder for micro: bit- 2xAA with On/Off Switch

3) 2 x AA Supercell Battery

4) An elastic band

5) A USB Cable

We are going to use an inbuilt accelerometer present in Microbit to know which side the micro bit is facing. I have used the MakeCode online editor. A micro bit can detect a bunch of gestures but we have used the OnShake gesture. Whenever the micro: bit detects the up gesture then it will show the sad face led light and warns the user, not to touch your face. Next, we build it more accurately as there can be some issues with shake gestures so we used comparisons. We are comparing the actual acceleration in X and Y directions that the micro: bit is experiencing and we are comparing it with a number or distance so if the acceleration is greater than that particular number it will warn the user not to touch your face. This will fine-tune how easily the micro: bit triggers by changing the values.

Challenges we ran into

During shake gestures, we ran into some challenges but when we added the comparison values it performed very well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have done something good for the community in these unprecedented times and that is the accomplishment we are proud of.

What we learned

Accelerometer working in a micro: bit.

What's next for Don't Touch Your Face

We will try to spread this device to our family and friends and will also build some more projects using this awesome microcontroller.

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