Childhood is idealised as a garden, protected by walls and hedges, where nature flourished at its perfect best. It is often envied and honoured. However, in reality most children are often neglected, abused and exploited. An overview of the reported cases suggests that a major part of reported child maltreatment was sexual abuse. As many as one out of every four children will be the victims of some kind of abuse. 53% of children in India are sexually abused. 72% of these children do not talk about it and suffer in silence. Sadly, these innocent beings doesn't know about it. Since, being young, they couldn't differentiate between good touch and bad touch. We, all know small children mostly like toys. So we thought why not to teach them about good touch and bad touch using a toy.

What it does?

Features of our hardware project

  1. Doll detects touches using switchs all over the body
  2. Upon detecting the touch it gives appropriate feedback to the user by giving visual feedback by lighting different colour led.
  3. It also sends the touch type data to computer and can be displayed in serial Monitor.

Doll has push buttons attached to different parts of body and they are connected to microcontroller (Arduino Nano) touching different parts of body of the doll (here pressing the buttons associated with body parts), then sends feedback to microcontroller and it has 3 leds red, pink and green describing the type of touch respectively. If red lights glow it signifies it is a bad touch . On other hand if pink glows it says touch is neighter bad nor good touch . Good touches are indicated with green light. When attached to a computer 🖥️ it also displays what kind of touch it is on serial monitor.

How it was built?

Parts used for the hardware model

  1. Arduino Nano: Reads all the switch state and switched appropriate leds on . And sends a message also over usb to computer which can be displayed in serial monitor

  2. Push buttons switch: To detect touch whenever anyone holds presses that area

  3. Leds To indicate the different types of touch as different colours.

We even have designed a web page describing more about good touch and bad touch. The website is built with the help of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. We ensured that website is absolutely easy to use for children.

Challenges we ran into

It took a bit longer to build the hardware model. So, there was quite short time to design our website.

Accomplishments we're proud of

We are happy that we could almost complete our project in due course of time. It's even one of our best projects.

What's next for Don't

We are planning to add more sensors instead of switches. We hope our toy could be used to being a change.

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