Inspiration - We originally wanted to get some brain wave readings as both our backgrounds are in science and the closest thing we could get to something physiological was the myoband. Most of the development kits and forums for the product have recently closed as thalmic labs has stopped production on the product and retains a bit of functionality through arduino. Since both of us really haven't played with arduinos before we just invested fully in trying our chance at making puzzle games on arduinos modeled after the game Don't Stop Talking or Everybody Explodes.

What it does - Supposed to have a simon says game that chains into a basic push button password to win the game.

How I built it - Lots of wiring that I learnt on the spot with my partner and C++ with a few special libraries added in.

Challenges I ran into - Lots of physics circuit knowledge that I hadn't seen in a while or known anything about in the first place as well as the arduinoes IDE not having all the standard C++ libraries preloaded onto it. I personally am not familiar with C++, but my partner seemed to have a better grasp.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - the glowing duck

What I learned - so much about circuits

What's next for Don't Stop Talking or Arduinos Explode? - better code and wiring

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