The main idea is to make bus waiting time, which can be sometimes longer than 10 minutes, more useful and meaningful.

What it does

John Snow is a tourist who is visiting Helsinki and he knows nothing about the city. He arrives at the bus stop and looks at LCD touch screen, where real time information about available buses and their arrival times are displayed. He selects one of the available buses and application displays animated route. During the animation app starts providing interesting, fascinating and worthy to know facts related to the surroundings, such as: Correlated to history places, Parliaments, Stadiums, Companies etc, those could have valuable information. This means that the application can be thought as a little guide for the surrounding places.

How we built it

Application has two parts. Front end, which is mobile application(android, fully native written on Java) and the back-end which is built on ruby on rails. Also we used local HSL api to get information about buses, their estimated arrival time and related bus stations. So, the app retrieves information from our API, while the API - from HSL api. We used the heroku to publish our API.

Challenges we ran into

Few of the challenges were coordinate positioning for the smooth Animation, HSL API integration, creating responsive design and 3 days of no sleep.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we solved the problem and the app is intended not only to entertain the users but teach or remind them significant facts about the surrounding places. The great thing is that all facts which are retrieved from the server is related to the current location, it can be valuable for the citizens and tourists as well. Moreover, since the project is a mobile application, it can be used everywhere.

What we learned

During our project at Junction2016, we’ve been tackling several problems concerning local transportation system (times, schedule, stations etc), which was conveniently solved by HSL that provides all abovementioned information.

What's next for Don't Stop!

The primary value of an application is information that’s been delivered to passenger. Additionally to this, and in case of interests from various commercial or Government organizations, “Don’t Stop” could be valued and used as an advertisement platform as well, which in turn, would have the highest reachability amongst population of the city. #Monetisation - With this additional benefit, our application could be monetised as well, namely it can promote ads and it may consider giving privileges to ads by prioritizing them by their values. Monetisation and the quality of our application would increase the value of it by attracting different organisations showing their advertisements in the context of interesting facts and stories.

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