Are you tired of people stealing your parking spot at your apartment? Do you want to ensure that your parking space stays your parking space? Are you landlord wanting to provide your residents a guarantee that they will never have to worry about parking in your apartment complex? If so, is perfect for you!


This hack was inspired by our team's constant parking struggles. Our college town apartment complex has very limited parking spaces, as such, it can be very frustrating to pull into the apartment complex only to find that YOUR spot has been stolen by someone else. Current solutions to this problem are not adequate. Mandatory parking permits are annoying to deal with and can limit residents to one car. Furthermore, parking permits can be difficult to pass between friends and family. Thus, the idea to create a parking spot sign that could identify whether or not a person was able to park in the spot, was born.

What it does

Takes a picture of a person, analyses the picture. If it matches to the owner of the spot, it welcomes the owner home.

How we built it

We used IBM Bluemix and IBM Internet of Things platform to hook up a Raspberry Pi 3 to the internet. The raspberry pi has a camera that snaps a picture of the face. It is integrated with watson text-to-speech and watson visual recognition software. The camera would be signaled to take a picture by a recipe that uses a raspberry pi with sensors to determine whether or not the parking spot is full. The visual recognition would then analyze the picture against an array of registered users to determine whether or not person is allowed to park in the spot.

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to use IBM Bluemix and how to integrate the raspberry pi with the internet of things. We didn't have any prior experience using either devices, as such, it took us a while to get started.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figured out how to use watson, and IBM IOT, visual recognition and text to speech. Our product idea is viable and can be expanded to multiple markets.

What we learned

Learned how to use IBM Bluemix, IBM Internet of Things Platform, Watson Text-to-Speech, Watson image recognition, Node-red, and use the raspberry pi. We also learned how to set up a domain and have it linked to amazon web services.

Using Facial Recognition Software and Cyber-Privacy Vulnerabilities For Good (aka Watch-Dogs Category)

In today's day and age with social media, your face is public domain. Thus, our product takes advantage of this fact to provide a benefit to users.

What's next for Don't Steal My Spot

Expand the facial recognition, after it recognizes you be able to give you important information about the day. Send text message to registered user is unregistered user is in the parking spot. Fully integrate with "Parking IoT solution with Node-Red Recipe" to be able to determine whether or not the parking space was full to signal to the pi to take a picture. Recipe we would like to build off of: Recipe

Don't Steal My Spot

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