Due to gyms closing down due to Covid-19, it’s been increasingly harder for everyone to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, impacting both productivity and personal well-being. We wanted to build an easily accessible web application that allows users to view, track, and share their workout routines. An online platform where users can share and try new workouts, Don’t Sit Be Fit brings in the fun in training. 30 minutes of activity per day has never been easier.

What it does

Users can compete to see who has the most popular workout routines as well as who completed the most number of exercises. In addition, they can discover other users and find their virtual workout buddy. Whether it’s through competition or camaraderie, motivation is just around the corner.

How I built it

We used Firebase to host our application and a React.js, HTML, CSS techstack to power our web application.

Challenges I ran into and what I learned from them

Through this hackathon, we took the opportunity to explore new tools and technologies including React.js to power our web application. As we were all relatively new to React, there was a learning curve we had to overcome in order to successfully build Don’t Sit Be Fit. While it was challenging to self-learn React and build an end-to-end application all within 36 hours, it was really rewarding to see it all come together in our finished product. Covid-19 also presented us with a unique situation to collaborate on the hackathon remotely. This presented some challenges in the coordination of our project but also allowed us to be more flexible and innovative in the ways we worked together to design and build our project.

What's Next for Don't Sit Be Fit

We would love to be able to set up more functionalities for Don’t Sit Be Fit including allowing users to meet with each other virtually and workout together.

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