We were inspired by the fires that devastated numerous communities throughout California in 2017, which were the most destructive in the state's history. Although the worst is behind us, we wanted to solve one of the largest problems regarding communication, or lack of, during the wildfires.


We aimed to create a community platform that would connect all the members including support organizations and first-responders in times of distress so that they could simultaneously post, learn, and report in real-time about natural disasters and potential hazards close by.


Not only can this platform be used during wildfires, but it also allows data to be reported about other natural disasters, including mudslides, gas leaks, power outages, etc.

When disaster strikes, users are able to report an incident, categorized by type. The more users post, the larger the event appears on the map. By clicking on the pinned event on the map, a community chat appears. Verified accounts such as first-responders, (the local police force, firefighters, etc.) as well as organizations (e.g. American Red Cross) are also able to post. Organizations have the option to post donation requests, and first reponders can give updates as soon as they are known. Users can choose to toggle between whose posts they see, filtering by each of these account types.

Future Directions

  • Synced with Facebook and uses current location to allow family and friends to mark themselves as "safe" in a natural disaster, and allow users to see this data by searching for their loved ones
  • Allow multiple ways to donate to organizations, using Venmo, Paypal, Apple Pay, or a linked bank account.
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