The Paris Attacks in late 2015

What it does

If a user needs to report an emergency, to warn others of potential danger, in two clicks from loading the page, they can submit a geo tagged and categorised alert to the database, which is displayed on the map for others to see. They can also submit videos along with their report, encouraging citizen journalism.

How we built it

A MySQL database to store the tags and links to video. PHP was used for handling requests, and javascript to format it all, with a bootstrap layout.

Challenges That We Faced

Video was an afterthought that we chose to add to improve the capabilities, Integrating video uploading with the current reporting in the same database was an issue, the tables were made separately so linking a video to a report was difficult until we rewrote the SQL code from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Video uploading and hosting Responding to a then current tragedy

What we learned

Simple interfaces lead and guide the user as to what to do, without an explanation or instructions.

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