We are all fans of party games, with Jackbox Games' party pack series being our main source of inspiration. We knew from the start that we wanted to make a similar concept - a web-based game that you can play on any platform. Once the theme was announced, we threw around ideas for anything that can melt in any way, and ended up with candles.

What it does

Don't Melt is a web-based party game for up to eight players. You and each other player gets a candle, and each round, a prompt is sent to your device. Your answer is put up against the other players' answers (anonymously), and you each vote for your favorite. The best answer gets their player's candle extinguished, while the others have their candles melt!

Remember: Don't Melt! The last candle standing WINS!

How we built it

  • We brainstormed for ages on how to build a cool game that uses phones and laptops simultaneously
  • The designers and artists in the team spent the whole time producing awesome creative content
  • Meanwhile, the developers built out the game logic in Redux and allowed it to be shared to other clients via WebRTC
  • Once the state was solid, the developers got to work on building the UI in React. After it was in a playable state, we all tested it and begun to iterate
  • Eventually, we landed with the game we are submitting today

Challenges we ran into

  • Writing fun prompts that work even when partially hidden is harder than it looks.
  • WebRTC is a new technology and peer to peer communication is inherently difficult, getting it to work reliably is hard
  • It is hard to know what features to prioritize when you have so many ideas!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • 100 prompts!
  • We quickly adapted to the theme and came up with a fun game with a cool twist.
  • Built a distributed algorithm for peers to reach consensus on what state the game is in

What we learned

  • What makes for a fun and compelling prompt.
  • How to build apps in JavaScript and React
  • How to collaborate with people we've never met before
  • That peer-to-peer is really hard

What's next for Don't Melt

Who knows! We will definitely keep in touch with each other, and we will play this game with our friends at home. Maybe even show it to Jackbox ;)

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