I'm not a doctor. I'm not a nurse but as a developer, as a researcher, I want to fight against coronavirus COVID19 This hackathon is great opportunity to fight against corona with technology. I'm ready to work hard with any kind of platform. Right now I have a project for this pandemic.

What it does

Covid-19 is not a permanent disease. It's a pandemic. This virus spread when we meet other infected people and we touch the places which is touched by the infected people. We must need more vending machines instead of groceries shops to avoid spreading virus from the shopkeepers. So implementation of vending machine is not enough because all vending machines have physical buttons. So we should implement QR Code based vending machine. If we scan the QR code from the vending machine through mobile, we can buy things. (IOT)

The same QR code method should be implement in ATM and people can withdraw the money from ATM through mobile phone by without touching ATM buttons and no need insert the ATM card. (IOT)

Mobile phone control elevator (lift), this is for the people those who are in story building (Apartments). They have to use elevator (lift). Through this they can easily get affected by touching the elevator buttons. To avoid spreading virus, we can control the elevator buttons through mobile phone . (IOT)

How I built it

It's built with IOT platform and Mobile Apps.

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