Inspiration Our inspiration came from the recent scarcity of certain food items such as onions which led to a hike in price of the commodity. We realized that food wastage is a major source of food scarcity as the same commodity (onions) is being wasted in certain areas such as the north according to our findings

What it does We came up with a website design as well as a mobile app that connects people who have food wastes to dispose to companies preferable biotechnological companies that can recycle these products to make reusable items.

How I built it We design our mobile app using figma and our website using wix.

Challenges I ran into Time was a major challenge we faced as we were not able to complete our deliverables. We also had the issue of network for some team members.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of First we are so proud to be a part of this program and also this hackathon. For most of us, this was our first hackathon and it was a huge success. We hope to be able to partake in more challenges in the future. Being able to pull this off is a great accomplishment for us.

What I learned I learnt not to quit on projects or challenges out of fear. As this is my first, I was scared that my team would not be able to well but with teamwork and determination, we were able to encourage each other and give it our best shot and I am so happy I did not back down.

What's next for Don't garbage Considering the good recommendations and advice we got from the judges today, don't garbage is certainly going forward and we are going to give in our best to bring this project to life. We have already started looking at companies that we can pitch our ideas to and hopefully get a sponsorship. This was a hackathon, but for us, it is an achievable dream.

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