In the COVID world we live in today, we seem to have the same predicament of forgetting our masks as we leave our house and have to do the walk of shame to get it again! After constantly ignoring the reminders on your phone and notes on the fridge, we wanted something that will DEFINITELY stop you before you leave the house.

What it does

We have created a website that acts as a "to-do" list that would "in theory" connect to Twilio and call you at a set time to remind you of what you need to do. Our to do list allows the user to create a reminder that will be stored in the local storage of the browser. Please try it out on this link: link

How I built it

Utilising Git and Github we coded a website with JavaScript, CSS and HTML. We also used the Twilio API and Python to call the user and recall all the reminders that were set.

Challenges I ran into

As beginners we only have basic java knowledge and mix of basic python and html between us so for the duration of the Hackathons we had to learn how to use Python, JavaScript, CSS and HTML in detail which caused a lot of challenges and was time consuming. After getting this far, the main challenge we came across was how to integrate our code for Twilio with our website. We did not solve this in the time we had but it is something that we are still working on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud that we learnt three/four new languages in such a short time and got the opportunity to explore Twilio and all of it's cool features!

What I learned

We learned that we can do anything we put our minds to and that we can step out of our comfort zones!

What's next for Don't Forget

We want to integrate the Twilio feature with our website and once we do that, the possibilities are endless!!

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