People usually forget their keys, cards, IDs, or forget to turn off electrical appliances or turn off types. People realize this when they reach their destination or on the way to it and sometimes wish that only if they had something to keep a check on the things that they might forget while traveling.

What it does

This skill acts as a checklist and will keep a check on what all things you took and what all things you forgot. Before leaving home just ask Don't Forget.

How I built it

It is a very simple skill but it is very effective and useful.

It has 3 arrays which contains the question array, explain array and a negativeResponse array.

What do they do?

questionText - This is the array that stores all the questions asked by the skill. The first question questionText[0] is asked when the skill is activated.

explainText - This is the text that Alexa says when you ask her to elaborate on a question. explainText[i] is the explanation for questionText[i].

negativeResponse - This array stores the responses Alexa says when the user answers no to a question. If a user says no to questionText[i], Alexa wil say negativeResponse[i].

NOTE - The number of elements in questionText array, explainText array and negativeResponse array need to be same.

// Whenever a user answers affirmatively this function runs and proceeds to the next point in the list.
function continueChecklist(intent, session, callback) 

// If a user starts the skill by asking it "am I ready to go?" or something like that.
function bypassChecklist(intent, session, callback)

// If a user answers no to anything, this function is executed.
function stopChecklist(intent, session, callback)

// If a user says one of the universal "cancel" phrases (AMAZON.Cancel/StopIntent)
function cancelChecklist(intent, session, callback)

// When a user asks for an explaination, this function gives it to them.
function explainChecklist(intent, session, callback)


  • Alexa, open Don't Forget.
  • Please explain.
  • You have to say yes or no when the skill asks the questions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to code it up in an hour :-P

What's next for Don't Forget

I want to allow users to add more questions by themselves. For example if a user has pets then he/she can add "Do you have a pet?" or related questions and Don't Forget will ask them about it when the user activates this skill before leaving. They will be custom built by the user itself according to his/her needs.

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