We set out to make a team game that people could play at a party using their smartphones. As we're all sci-fi nerds, so therefore space seemed the natural setting. We took our design cues from team games such as the popular android app Space Team, and board games such as Space Cadets.

What it does

Welcome space crew! You and your crew have found yourself in the Artemis galaxy. It’s your job to get home safely. On your way, you’ll face asteroids, unreasonably hostile aliens and other challenges. You'll need teamwork and determination, to overcome all this. At the moment, no hostiles know where you are, however, they may soon find out... Dun dun


Good luck!


Bridge – Keep an eye on the power levels, and HP monitor. Divert incoming resources to the necessary sections, and alert sections when they’re at risk of blowing up. They also gave you the helm, so it's your job to navigate the ship around asteroids and enemy projectiles.

Engineering – Hit the correct symbol to generate power. Hit the wrong symbol, and you’ll damage the ship! Also you're in charge of repairs, but you'll need your team mates to point you in the right direction!

Weapons – You get the easy job! Nag the bridge to give you power, then hit the fire button to shoot down some enemies!

Shields – A grid of random symbols will appear. Match up the symbols and you’ll gain valuable shield points. As you match pairs, cost of flipping tiles will increase, so make sure you refresh the grid frequently.

What's next for Don't Blow Up!


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