The new modes of communication offered by donky allowing you to chat between mobile apps, push notifications to other players and restart the game via interstitial messaging. All of these can be used to enhance and augment the geocashing treasure hunt game sweeping the nation. At present it is difficult for a team to separate and remain in contact during the search.

What it does

This uses real-world knowledge of a geographic location to find a number of virtual windmills with the help of a phone, in app communication, live purchase of clues & the interaction with team members using in app chat, push notification and interstitial messages.

How I built it

I generated an idea, a concept thrashed out the detail and started on the design.

Challenges I ran into

I didn't have enough time, people, energy to continue

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I didn't like the national trust treasure hunt because it was very difficult to find the answers, with this you can buy clues and also you can role play for that extra novelty and fun element.

What I learned

I learned that these functions push notification, in game chat, interstitial pop ups tor cross selling can be achieved easily from one donky api which is salute able.

What's next for Don Quixote A Geocaching Windmill Quest.� 

Try to get Business angels to see what a very, very viable prospect Don Quixote A Geocaching Windmill Quest really, really is and promote a new feel good outdoor game for tech savvy geogeek squad.

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