Domo is a peer-to-peer system that improves the mental health of organizations by dramatically reducing the barrier to entry for support. Domo empowers members of organizations to seek anonymous support and advice from a diverse group of vetted peers. These peers are volunteers and their role is to empathize, help problem solve, and refer people to appropriate resources around them.

Mental health service providers consistently emphasize the importance of early assistance to prevent the effects of the most severe mental health ailments. Unfortunately for individuals, early remediation of mental health concerns remains elusive. Delay in seeking help leads to impaired professional performance, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and even suicide. Until now, low barrier support systems such as Ombudsmen, harassment and suicide prevention hotlines, and the HR department have filled this important gap between members and available resources.

Domo provides peer support, advice and referral to these resources at any point in the a person’s recovery cycle, not just at time of urgent need. Users can download an app and directly post their questions/concerns into it. The system will route these questions to appropriate peers within the organization. This interchange is completely anonymous for the user - they do not login or reveal their identity to the app. The Domo system will deliver any replies from peers back to the user, through the app.

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