People like to make their own creatures. I also like that and especially I like domino. It's very difficult to build a domino. I should think what I would make and how make it. But it's very exciting when it start to fall. Maybe most people also like that but maybe they don't want to build it themselves. So I thought that if they can make their own domino easily and can enjoy only the thrill of falling over, It can be a really fun creative tool.

What it does

They can built their own domino by using their photo in gallery and enjoy play the domino.

How I built it

First to make this effect I made domino models and used world object template. And in the script I made a class for each domino's data model to handle falling degree and sequence. And I made a callback to start the interval timer by touching the front parts so that I can control the domino's falling every time the callback is called. And I used a Gallery Picker to take a texture they want. And finally I made a pixelated effect to texture for making perfect color for domino.

Challenges I ran into

I'm not designer. I'm a developer. So I was so hard to make a 3D resources. So when I struggled with that I decided to make that using python script in blend and of course I studied so much about that. At now I can make a 3D models by myself! Furthermore to optimize the capacity, I tried making to control the domino's movement in the script. If it handled entirely by model's frame animation, the capacity would have been enormous.

What I learned

As I mentioned in the above, it became an opportunity to make a 3D modeling by myself and also It became the opportunity to think as a user.

What's next for Domino Maker

I want to make more various complex shape of domino.

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