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What's next for Dominator

My team inspiration comes from movie called Dredd. Dredd uses technology to their weapon, in order to ensure the one who use the weapon is the authorized person. If this technology can be applied, the illegal weapon can't be purchased and sold. Therefore, the system can greatly improve the public security.

This weapon can shoot a laser that can potentially harm the criminal, has a authentication algorithm for security based on RFID in order to ensure only the authorized person can use this weapon, has a monitor to help police to focus when firing the gun

I built use the RFID, Rasberry phi, LED and Internet of Things concept based on IP

The challenges when i make this is there is not enough time and material to release the full potential from laser gun and there is a little bit problem when assembly the system. And there is traffic jam and heavy rain when my team went to hackathon from UI graduation so we lost much time.

What i learned is time management, never give up,and there is better chance after graduation

What next is we planing to insert fingerprint for authentication and improve the quality overall

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