The goal of this project was to prevent sexual assault, domestic abuse, child abuse, and other types of violence by using a geo-location tracking system via disguised user interface to allow the user to secretly call the police without putting themselves in greater danger by alerting their potential attacker. If one feels physically threatened or compromised they can simply open the disguised Domi-noes web application on their phone or computer and click “Speedy Delivery”. Clicking "View Order" immediately locates your laptop or phone (you) and by clicking “Finalize Order”, your latitude and longitude coordinates are sent via text message to the police. This web application is disguised to look like an website for a pizza delivery place so as not to alert your potential attacker that you have alerted the proper authorities. Our targeted user is anyone - male or female, young or old – whether they feel they are potential victims of sexual assault or not.

This application will keep men, and women, and children safe because at the push of a button they can send an emergency alert to the police notifying them of their location before violence occurs. This program can also be set to only contact authorities so if one fears they are in a dangerous situation they can immediately let the police know their exactly location. It will also help us prevent sexual assaults / kidnapping, by allowing the would be victim to contact the authorities before the crime can occur. With additional professional development, this application can become a tremendous tool in preventing violence.

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