Moving to a new country can be hard. You not only have to learn your surroundings, but just about everything you've known about the culture you've lived in has to be relearned for a drastically new one. If only there was a place to go with helpful links in a customizable dashboard...

What it does

HomeBoard is a customizable and user-specific dashboard for people new to the US. On it there is info about the place you live in (tailored to your exact location) and about the general area around it.

How we built it

A lot of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and time.

Challenges we ran into

Almost all of the APIs used were not cooperating very well. Muuri, the API used for the movable dashboard, was not being very helpful when it came to adding or deleting elements. Userfrost, an API for user authentication, was not installing. No google map based API would work either, making location selection more annoying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since Userfrost wasn't working and Laravel was confusing, we built a simple user authentication script from scratch.

What we learned

APIs don't like to work.

What's next for HomeBoard

Because of the tight time constraint, a lot of ideas were dropped for HomeBoard. Deleting and adding items was abandoned. More secure password storage (more hashes and salt), confirming password, and verifying email were all dropped. We hope to bring these features to HomeBoard in the future.

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