One's trash can be another one's treasure. We wanted a solution meant to provide people an easy way to donate clothes, food, recyclables

What it does

We have two apps. One for the donor, and one for a driver. In the donor app, a donor would submit a form describing the donation package, the location of the package, and general contact details. Then, in the driver app, the driver gets notified of nearby packages that are available. The driver would select the package he wants to deliver. Upon selection, the driver will be given 3 nearby non-profit organizations to drop off the package to. Using this process, both the donor and driver will have a choice in what to donate and where to donate respectively.

How we built it

We build our front end via React-Native and Google Cloud's various API and SDK's such as Maps and places. Our backend is built through Nodejs. Our backend is supported by Google Cloud's FireStore, Google Maps, and Google Places.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into many walls because we all used a technology that we were not familiar with. Will and Chanel started React-Native while Matthew and Tim worked on Nodejs + JavaScript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are especially proud of learning new technologies as well as helping the community out with donations.

What I learned

Every member in our hackathon team worked on a framework or language that they never worked on before. Each member also worked on their counterparts in development, ie: I worked in backend when I'm much stronger in frontend We learned that asking help from more experienced coders and mentors helps both parties. We get to learn how to traverse roadblocks while our skilled peers get practice with explaining code to less experienced or even lay people.

What's next for Domates

We are opening possible avenues of partnerships with non-profit organizations such as red cross and salvation army.

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