Laying in my bed on a dark, stormy night, cowering in fear, I dreamed of taking a bite into a warm, succulent raspberry pi. It had been a longtime dream of mine since its release in February of 2012, as this raspberry pi, along with its deliciousness, would provide much needed protection for my family from our family cat, Simon. Unfortunately, I lacked the necessary funds required to obtain this delicious delicacy. However, I knew one day with hard work and determination, my dreams would come true. I would use this delectable pi to build an automatic pet feeder for my obnoxious cat. Simon frequently enjoys whining for food, begging to be fed by the next unfortunate soul to cross his path. He’s a relentless beast, knowing just how far to push his victims to get them to eventually crack and bend to his every whim. If I could by some means acquire a raspberry pi, I could begin my journey to stop this wretched monster. I plan on implementing a time-based feeding mechanism using a python script triggered by email that controls the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO to release the food. With this implementation my family and I would finally be freed from the creature’s control. Please help me achieve my dream. Thank you.

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