For this hackathon, we, as a team, wanted to show that we could come up with innovative ideas and get them working. However, we did come across many challenges throughout the process. Deciding on a particular issue to help solve took a lot of time, however all of our team members felt very strongly about putting our efforts towards the COVID-19 crisis. We remembered how much of a struggle it is for people to feel safe while doing important things, like grocery shopping. Once we all decided on this topic we thought affected us all, we tried to figure out how to get working. Every member in our team wanted to learn first, then put winning as an afterthought. None of us were particularly proficient in HTML web design, except for one of our members who needed to back out of the hackathon midway. By doing so, we had a huge obstacle to overcome, as we were trying to learn all of the content we’d need to build our critically involving website. While brainstorming, we were originally aiming to be connecting frontend/backend web development with user interface, however we came across many more issues with the connections of all of these components. Despite these setbacks, we tried to figure out new ways to implement our idea on a viable host, and decided that a site development platform might be a feasible way to do so, as we believed it would have worked better and would be considered a better hack. Along the way, we learned to use user interaction on Weebly as well as HTML code embedding, and more. We worked very hard over the past 24 hours trying to iron out all of the kinks in our hack, and although we always have a long way to go, we hope you consider our hack.

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