What if you could show everyone an ad that is probably related to them just because they are on some website on the internet? To do that you would first need to try to map each domain to types of products their visitors might be in the market for but at the same time keep the code generic enough so that it could work on any domain without any special customization and without having to understand it's site map. Figuring out how to do that alone would be interesting but what if you could have a working demo generating a real life ad as well?

How we are doing this: I needed to parse through ad impression data and create a signature for each domain. The signature consisted of what products users had shown interest in around the time they were shown an ad (% values). Then you needed a baseline to compare it against. The theory was that different types of products would stick out when comparing the rates.

Challenges: The amount of data was incredible which made it hard to process. On the flip side if you reduced the amount of training data too much you would not be able to create a signature for each page on a domain and in some cases you wouldn't be able to make a signature for some domains at all. I settled on 100 domains and just focused on mapping those types of products. This meant that I didn't have to spend much time optimizing the code during the hackathon.

Why I'm excited about this: I passed in a food related site and instantly got back salt and pepper shakers, kitchen knives and grills. I also passed in a parenting site and got baby cribs for different ages and some storage for baby care products. I would like to be able to do this for every domain and page on the internet.

What's next for Domain (and page) specific advertising

Optimize the code used to generate the signatures to run on 2 weeks worth of data across all domains (no sub paths). Then optimize it further to capture page specific nuances. Finally, try to decide how many days worth of data we need for each domain so that we have enough to make a safe bet on what people are in the market for.

Switch to my DEV environment. Visit the "try it out" link. Pick the recommendation GuID starting with : C1C6... Pass in a domain in the canvas from the list of 100 domains we have signatures for.

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