As it stated in Tieto brochure: up to 66% of office workspace is not utilized. And Tieto has a lot of awesome sensors in their building that can help us to improve both workers experience and also optimize company energy costs.

What it does

You log in as an employee. When you arrive at the office (since its an open space and there are no private places), you take out the phone with the app, make two taps and then it advises you possible workplaces based on sensor info. It will try to fit you so that there will be no need to turn on the heating at specific place, for instance. And user also knows stats of possible places so he can choose option that suits him currently. Then, there are fireworks. Everything is packed with eye-catching animations, of course.

How we built it

We used mainly swift with regular frameworks, as well as objective-c. Some very custom UI scenarios were implemented with help of basic tools .

Challenges we ran into

CollectionView -> PageVC -> CollectionView -> CollectionViewCell -> TableView -> TableViewCell

Or, complicated navigation in small periods of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It must be really useful as well as really easy and fun to use.

What we learned

Some really nice UI stuff. And that we should build way more intelligent buildings.

What's next for DOM

Some more code and implementation of features in our mind. Then, integrate with existing buildings. More sensors are planned to be used to increase the convenience.

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