ERC-20 token's holder tracking application.


We see Datatoken to be an excellent development of Ocean in bringing defi strengths into the data economy. However, we wonder if a tool to model transactions for datatoken is available. It is easier for investors or even those who want a data set for the training model. And that is where Dolphyn was born.

What it does

As we introduced, in the first version, Dolphyn will help users to view information about the datatoken - The large holders (whale), transactions of that datatoken at the present time, transactions in and out of an address. However, in order to use the above facilities, users need to own at least 1 Lovely Dolphin Token - LOVDOL-69 (Radar Token).

Moreover, this data is also stored for traders who can research the investment trend of the community. That means you Just own 1 Lovely Dolphin Token, you can access all data via:

How I built it

Transaction data: We don't have the budget to run a full node, so we used InfluxDB to be able to store transaction data by collecting data from Etherscan.

User Interface: For convenience can help users to update their data. We have been working towards mobile development (mobile-first) - and It is also easy to upgrade the version after owning more Radar tokens, users can receive notifications when owner their data migration.

Challenges I encountered

I think the first is a matter of time and manpower, we know this contest is a bit late, and there is not enough manpower to build a complete application. We wanted to build more with many charts and graphs, the web interface, but time couldn't allow for all.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are confident that this is a very practical application with the datatoken ecosystem and clear use cases we have built. The last thing is the spirit of work, we worked non-stop until the final hours of the competition.

What I learned

We learned more about the data economy that is being built by the ocean, and also learned how to collaborate on teamwork from idea proposal to complete application development.

What's next for Dolphyn

Firstly, we will refine the web interface so that users have more choices when using our application.

Secondly, we will improve the display of data holding charts, such as bubble charts. Notifying users when a large amount of a deal has occurred, or a transaction comes from top holders.

Lastly, we will provide premium usage packages for accounts by owning multiple Radar tokens. In addition, Radar token holders will be given priority to use the new features of the product.

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