In many underrepresented groups, particularly in areas with poor socioeconomic and educational conditions, financial literacy is rarely spoken about. Additionally, many students now go to college without having a full understanding of how to manage their finances, such as student loans. This project aims to help both these groups by creating an educational platform focused on the foundations of securing a financial future.

What it does

Dollars & Sense provides users with an educational platform, filled with articles and quizzes related to budgeting, saving, credit, and introductory investment.

How we built it

Dollars & Sense was built entirely in React.js, with Tailwind CSS for aesthetics

Challenges we ran into

I took this challenge on myself, and I have never coded in React before. My frontend experience up to this point has been very limited, so there was the added challenge of learning and mastering an entirely new programming language and environment. Time was obviously the largest of my enemies, and I wish I could have had more time to polish my platform, and include interactive activities as I had planned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm not only proud of the concept I'm showcasing but the work I have put in. Only 2 days ago I knew next to nothing about frontend coding and React.js, so to have gone as far as to make this project, that alone is an accomplishment to me.

What we learned

I learned the foundations for frontend work, how important UI/UX design can be, and the power of React.

What's next for Dollars & Sense

Further development into personalizing the platform to certain groups, adding additional lessons, and adding many interactive activities to engage users.

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