The amount of scams that happening on Twitter is insane. A lot of people are asking to like and retweet for a giveaway of some token or NFT. But there is no proof as to whether these projects have done what they say they do. This made me mad, because this is the beginning of mass crypto pump and dump schemes where people have lost billions of dollars.

Enter DollarDrops

What it does

DollarDrops, a multi-chain Patent Pending technology to build TRUST in Crypto Projects

By providing Non-Transferrable Tokens(NTT) as a reputation metric to Crypto Creators we eliminate the scammers. Currently we are building with managed wallets to hold the tokens and in-future we migrate to NTT when the chain supports it

How we built it

By utilising Twitter V2 API and connecting to multiple blockchains using and Alchemy nodes we made a Blockchain Reputation System

Challenges we ran into

We needed the authentication to be super secure so decided to go with Auth0 rather than our own implementation. But Auth0 or any other identity provider doesn't support TwitterV2 Sign in feature. So we built a custom connection in Auth0 with IP whitelists and API Gateway WAF security shields to retrieve access tokens and store them encrypted with rotated secret keys.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Tweet A Token: Send THANKU to anyone in the world without knowing their wallet address. Just mention their handle and tweet it. This simplifies the the adoption point in Crypto

SMILE token: @TheSmileToken -- in progress -- Send a joke to us and redeem the number of likes as a SMILE tokens. Let Twitter be more fun.

DollarDrops: Patent Pending system to Allocate Rewards and Add Reputation to Genuine Projects

What we learned

We are still learning as people slowly start to use our product.

What's next for DollarDrops

We are lucky enough to get OpenAI DALL-E access. So we are planning to convert Tweets to NFTs We are looking for funding seed-round hoping to get attention of a16z.

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