Our inspiration for this app arose from the rising debt of university graduates, and lack of financial literacy present in high schools.

What it does

This platform targets 15-25 year old consumers and aims to provide a fun way to educate individuals in budgeting, scholarships, and investments. The website and app are trivia games that offers 5-10 daily trivia questions about financial literacy, and reward participants with bidding points. The bidding points can be used for prizes listed on the website or app, like local bank tours, invitations to exclusive finance events, conferences, and free access to online learning platforms. S If students come back everyday to the platform, they will get bonus points. Students will be incentivized by prizes, and obtain education in financial literacy throughout the process.

How we built it

Using HTML and CSS, created new website which demonstrates Dollar Talk’s ideas.

Challenges we ran into

Following the later workshops, we had little time to completely implement the new tools we learned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making aesthetic interfaces for users using new tools we learned today. Our idea of combating lack of financial literacy in teenagers and young adults in an engaging way!

What we learned

How to synchronize our efforts while we divided and conquered different aspects of our designs.

What's next for Dollar Talk

Launching this project as a pilot after finishing the design, and recruiting banks and financial institutions to sponsor us.

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